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I have been living with CRPS for about 4 years now. CRPS is the most painful disease known to mankind. More painful than unprepared child birth, stage 4 cancer, and even amputation according to the McGill Pain Index. The pain never stops and when it flares up I can be in bed for days or weeks.

CRPS is a neurological disorder in which my brain keeps telling my right foot that it’s in pain 24/7 and I’ll have it for the rest of my life until there is a cure. This topic needs to be talked about, not just because it is so personal to me because I have it but, because I’ve seen the impact it has taken on the caregiver who is going non-stop trying to make sure that I am always okay and safe.


One thought on “CRPS FACTS!

  1. I tried to leave you a reply, it was quite a lengthy reply letting you know that I was diagnosed 18 years ago and am interested in connecting with you I am in Canada but I think raising awareness and funding for research and treatments are very important. I am not sure if my last reply was saved as something happened with the site but if you receive it great. If not please connect with me I would love to chat more. I will be spending some time reading your journey. Have a low pain day gentle hugs


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