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“We are not meant to be boxed in. To be labeled. To be defined by the outside world so that it may feel more comfortable when it looks at us. So that it feels like it has us figured out. We are multifaceted. We are MANY things.” Sophia Bush

What are the MANY things that make me.. Me?

I am my parent’s daughter. A sister. A granddaughter. A niece. A cousin. I am an athlete. A sister survivor. A friend. A seeker of truth and a warrior for justice. An animal lover. A side-hurt laugher. A hugger. A TV binge-watcher. A reader. A writer to my own life story. A storyteller. A blogger. A fighter. A spokeswoman. I am a student of life. A photographer. A model. A sports junkie. A traveler. A music junkie. A blue eyed girl. A goofball. A serious soul. I’m a no holds-barred and won’t back down. I’m a Twitty. I’m a Kohnen. I’m an Onate. I’m a Poeppelman. I’m a descendent of slavery. I’m am a Survivor of Sexual Assault and CRPS.

There is so much more to me than what is written, There’s life adventures and experiences that I haven’t done yet. I am many things, I’m only 26 I’m still learning and figuring out what makes me the many things I am! #IAMMANY

Lastly, I want to say thank you to every inspiring and badass woman in this world that continues to remind us that we are a Sisterhood and stereotypes were made to be broken.

Be part of the movement. You can help Rebecca Minkoff by ordering this limited-edition I AM MANY t-shirt, created for New York Fashion Week. This t-shirt is dedicated to the women who are changing the world. During the month of September, all profits benefit: The Girl Project, Girl Up, Gorilla Doctors, Best Friends Animal Society, Ian Somerhalder Foundation.


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