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Support With CRPS

Lately I’ve been getting several emails from fellow CRPS warriors on how to deal with this diagnosis.

I’ve found a great website that can help you guys out..It’s called IPain and they have incredible service and support internationally!

I hope this website gives you guys the help, info, and support that we’re all looking for!


One thought on “Support With CRPS

  1. It’s inspiring hearing your story. I had the exact same thing happen in my right foot after bunion surgery in 2009. I didn’t think I would make it through that. Thankfully I had a great pain management doctor and after using a pain pack from my knee down for several weeks saved my life. After not walking for 4 months I was slowly able to get back on my feet. 13 years later and my foot will never be the same but I run daily and stay active which has helped. CRPS cannot be explained to anyone it’s so severely painful. There is hope though and finding the doctor that knows how to help treat the symptoms.


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