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This post I’ve been debating on writing because it’s something that not even my parents know about. I was sexual mistreated at a young age by a then family friend. It’s taken me years to remember what happened because at a young age you don’t know what’s right or wrong but as I grew up I realized what happened but keep quiet because he never went beyond what he did.

The reason I’m sharing this now is because of the words of two people Sophia Bush and Aly Raisman.

I’ve always been a fan of Sophia’s and this week I and the rest of the world found out what was going on behind closed doors on the set of One Tree Hill. When I read how the former cast and crew all come together and express what they are feeling in a letter I was amazed.

From my Instagram.

“@sophiabush I’m amazed at the strength and beauty you show the world each and every day. Your words and faith in others makes me feel like maybe there are still good people, amazing people in this world fighting for change and what is right. This world is at its Tipping Point and it’s our time more than ever to speak truth to power for those who cannot. I’m so proud of my fellow gym sisters @alyraisman and #mckaylamaroney for speaking out. I’m proud of the #onetreehill cast and crew for coming together for a single cause and stand behind a fellow woman and tell the world that this has to stop! I’m proud of myself for finally being able to say #MeToo after years of feeling shame and embarrassment. Thank you Sophia for being a sister to us for holding our hands when we need them held most. Thank you for showing me a light in a sea of darkness. You truly are what your name means.. Sophia means “Wisdom” and that is exactly what you are.”

With Aly Raisman this says it all.

From my Instagram.

“As a former Gymnast this breaks my heart! I’m angry, sad, disgust, but more than that I’m proud of @alyraisman for finally speaking out and sharing her story. This should not be happening to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a three-time gold medalists on a Gymnastics Team, a Hollywood actress just trying to do what she loves, or a tv journalists in a world dominated by men. No one should have to experience this type of traumatic event in their lifetime. I’m angry that it keeps on happening, I’m angry that USA Gymnastics which I was involved in let it happen for so long. I’m sad that this one predator has tarnished the sport of Gymnastics, I’m disgusted that right now in our country we’ve come to a tipping point in sexual assaults, sexual harassments, and sexual violences. When is enough, enough! I’m extremely proud of my fellow gymnasts Aly and #mckaylamaroney for speaking truth to power and not shying away from the shame and embarrassment of what happened. Everyone who’s spoken out recently and told their stories about having been sexually wrong done they are the true heroes! They are who we should be looking up to. Not the person in the White House but the people who are courageously stepping forward and telling the world what happened to them was wrong and were going to do something about it!”

These two strong independent women have given me the voice to speak MY truth and for that I’ll always be incredibly thankful!


Margaret Twitty 🤟

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