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My Family’s Legacy! 

We all have a Family Legacy each and every one of us. Some good and some not so good but we all have one.
Here is My Family’s Legacy.

My family is made up of service.. Service to the Military, to the Medical Field, to the Community. My Great-Uncle survived Pearl Harbor. My Grandfather who by the way was Half Black I remind you served in the Air Force. My parents both served in the Navy. My Cousin-In-Law serves in the Marines. My Cousin and his Wife both serve in the Army. So it’s easy to see why My family’s Legacy is one of survival and honor.
My family Legacy of service goes back for generations after generation, many of whom have fought and served to keep this nation alive for EVERY ONE! My ancestors fought for the right to free slaves because they themselves were slaves. My family is one of Honor, Loyalty, and Sacrifice no matter what the cost may be.. and as the older generation passes, it’s up to me, my brother, and the next generation to keep the legacy that our ancestors once held so dear. We are the Lasting Legacy of our Fathers and Mothers and now it’s our time to carry that torch with honor and pride.
Happy Memorial Day!


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