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For My Teachers

Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students. ~ Solomon Ortiz

Over the years I’ve had remarkable and inspiring teachings.. rather it was from my countless years of schooling or from people I’ve met in between nevertheless I’ve looked up to and admire them all the same.

When it comes to my school teachers some names I’ll always remember for various reasons and for others, they will flee from my mind as the years go by. But one name I can guarantee you will never leave my mind and that name is Stacey Noreika.

Mrs. Noreika has been my secret keeper, my go-to whenever I needed to talk to someone about anything, my safe place, my person. During my 4 years at Fitch High I knew I could always rely on one teacher to see past my facade and see the real me, see who I really was.. A girl trying to find her way in this crazy world. Don’t get me wrong I gave Mrs. Noreika plenty of hard times during my 4 years but she never wavered, never gave up on me or any of her students. Its because of this one woman’s impact that she’s had on me that I took a serious hard look into becoming a teacher myself. Mrs. Noreika has so much heart, dedication, patience, courage, passion, love, drive.. I could go on.. for her students and for her joy as a teacher that she’s helped not only me but countless others see their potential for a great life!

So as Teachers Appreciation Week comes to an end I hope everyone should take the time to thank their teachers, not just on Teachers Appreciation Week but everyday. They are shaping the lives of this nations next generation!

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