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To Sleep, Is To Dream 

Shakespeare once said “To sleep perchance to dream.”  Unfortunately, those of us with CRPS/RSD don’t see sleep that often and we rarely dream.  

The question of sleep is one we often bring up.. How did you sleep, did you sleep at all, how long did you sleep.. But no one ever seems to ask us if we dream.  Well… from my personal experience we don’t.  

A person with CRPS/RSD does not go deep enough to achieve REM sleep which is where we dream.  

Our sleep is broken up into units of an hour or two at a time and it can get disheartening after a while.  

I tried to keep a normal sleep schedule but found that since the pain is always worse at night it’s kinda useless, I somehow go three or four days with little to no sleep!

I miss dreaming.  I couldn’t tell you what I had dreamed about, just that I knew I had them. Dreaming helps us recharge and Now, I feel kinda lost and uncleared. 

Perhaps one day when there is a cure for CRPS/RSD ; they will discover a way to help us sleep and dream too!