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Natural Ways to Help Nerve Pain

If you experience nerve pain, then you may know how debilitating this pain can be. From a stabbing pain that may hit you in the middle of the night to uncontrolled nerve pain that is strong and persistent; you would go to any lengths possible to find a way to help alleviate or control this pain. If you have already tried topical painkillers, supplements, and other medicinal ways to help with nerve pain but find they only provide temporary relief and are met with more side effects than you expected, then it might be time to consider a more natural way to help nerve pain. 

1. Exercise : To naturally release endorphins and help with nerve pain, walking and participating in daily exercise can help improve blood flow and help restore your nerves. Going for a daily walk and stretching your muscles is a natural way to go about treating the pain and will also improve your mood at the same time. 

2. Watch You Diet : Alongside exercise, a proper and balanced diet is also important. Make sure you are providing your body with plenty of B vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin C. Avoiding foods like artificial sweeteners and eating more raw food may also be effective in combating nerve pain. 

Essential Oils are also a great way to help nerve pain and are natural and safe to use. The following are a few essential oils that can help treat nerve damage :

1. Chamomile : This oil has anti-neuralgic properties which actually help to constrict the blood vessels surrounding the nerve, which ultimately helps relieve nerve pressure.

2. Marjoram : This oil can help with the pain and can also help heal. It is a good oil to introduce to your lifestyle to help strengthen your immune system.

3. Helichrysum : This oil acts as a natural nervine and can also help strengthen the immune system when used on a daily basis. It can also help prevent any further damage to the nerves if there has been an injury.

4. Lavender : This oil is known to help several things, and nerve pain is among them. This oil can harm calm your nerves and lower stress and tension levels.

Much thanks to Garima the creator of empress2inspire for her help on this post.


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