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My October 21, 2016 Letter For You. 

Thank You all for your kind words during this rough time in my life once again. I know many of you had no idea that I was going to be having surgery yet again and on the same Right Foot that I was diagnosed with CRPS last year in February. 

It was very hard to keep this only between a few group of family members and by few I mean 5-7 the most. I didn’t want people to question why I was getting this surgery again after the outcome I had with the first one and make me have doubts about if I doing the right thing by going through this again. After many months of thinking about it, talking about it to my mom and brother, getting second opinions from doctors because some wouldn’t do it because of my illness.. I prayed myself asking God if this is the right thing to do and also praying for my mom because I would be adding more stress into her already stressful life and I didn’t want her to become rundown. God answered my question when He sent us to Dr. Blume of Affiliated Foot & Ankle Surgeons by Yale and what he told us was everything I needed to hear and when he said that he has done surgery on CRPS and MS patients I was hooked. 

So on October 21, 2016 the same day as my Aunt and Cousin’s Birthdays I went in for a 2 hour Surgery and now the journey begins again once more for me and for everyone who loves and supports me through thick and thin. I just hope that this time around I won’t be so isolated and alone when mom is at work and I’m at home… because being home bound for the past 20 Months is the most difficult and depressing thing a human being can go through. So if you want to stop by so I can at least have some human contact and talk PLEASE let me know. 

Much Love,

Margaret Twitty 

(X-ray of what my Right Foot looked like after my first surgery back in January 6, 2015) 

(My Right Foot after my second surgery done today…October 21, 2016 )


4 thoughts on “My October 21, 2016 Letter For You. 

  1. Good Morning Margaret!
    Hope this finds you well this morning and with little to no pain.
    My hopes for you that the surgery is successful and you are
    back to being you real soon!
    My 2 year battle with CRPS due to a saphenous nerve injury
    in my left knee is doing much better after the Scrambler Therapy
    I had done in Rhode Island in June. I am hoping to stay pain free
    for a long time …….. I also wish that for you.
    Will continue to look for your post with your progress!
    Stay well and rent some funny movies!

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    1. Good Morning Dianne! I’ll try my best to hopefully have this reply make sense since I’m very loopy and in a lot of pain.

      My surgery went great and was a success as far as I know but then again I was knocked out so I didn’t hear much but lucky my mom was there to get every word the doctor/surgeon said.
      I haven’t heard of the “Scrambler Therapy” before! Is it new or has it been used on CRPS patients for a while now? I’ll definitely look that up!

      I’m so excited and honored that you’ve reached out to me letting me know that you are actually reading my blog! Your words of encouragements will definitely help me keep going even on the toughest days that I know I will have become of my experience from my last surgery in January of 2015.

      Thank You Again,


  2. Hi Margaret,
    Glad to hear that you are doing better and that you have a Mom that is there for you!! Hopefully with less “hardware” in your foot that it will cut down your pain as well. Yes, the “Scrambler Therapy” is not known to a lot of Doctors – I am lucky that I went to one at Dartmouth Hitchcock in Lebanon, NH and she knew of it and has been trained in it. The Center that does it is called Calmar Pain Relief –
    Keep in touch and keep feeling better!!

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    1. It’s been 2 days since I had the surgery and today was I very uncomfortable more so than yesterday 😦
      I’m truly honored, grateful, blessed, etc to have my mom here with me for this and for everything these past 20 months to the past 24 Years that I’ve been alive! Without her and her sacrifice and selflessness I wouldn’t be the person I am or the women she taught me to be.
      I’ll look up the center and I’ll do my best keep you and everyone else updated.

      * These pain meds are kicking my butt that’s why it’s difficult to update right now as I’m seeing double of everything when I’m typing or trying to find the right words that make sense on the screen since everything is jumbled up in my head.

      What I’m doing right now is for my sanity is whatever I post on my personal Facebook and I like it as a blog entry as well I just copy and paste what I wrote for Facebook to my blog and if I have to make a few changes I do so by doing it this way I’m not overwhelming my brain and getting more and more confused.

      By the way thank you for reaching out to me and talking about what works for you and that I’m actually doing something right by sharing my life story with the world! I appreciate that so much!

      Much Love,


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