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Beauty In The Fragile Fighter 

There is beauty in the courage of the fragile fighter. Those that persevere, despite all they’ve been through.

     Yesterday and today I’ve been getting emails from two women who have been diagnosed with CRPS and don’t know what to do. One lives in Canada and the other in Minnesota. It’s crazy that I’m only 24 years old and I’m having strangers come to me asking that hard hitting question “What’s going to happen next?” and unfortunately I’ve been in this situation that they are struggle with because I know what they are going through. 

     The hard part is telling them that my doctor believed and confirmed that I have CRPS with in a month after my surgery but with these two women it’s different. The one in Canada her doctor or WCB as they are known there don’t have the same resources that the States does and the one in Minnesota she’s been having the symptoms since February (2016) but they have been ignored by her doctors and she’s just now been diagnosed with CRPS. 

    I’m honored to be the person to share my story with others because I want to Inspire People to share their stories as well.

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