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Support Our Caregivers! 

RSD/CRSP will impact your everyday life style and make it increasingly stressful for the caregiver to remain focused on his/her loved one daily, says Alabama liability attorney Keith T. Belt. 

Caregivers NEED to have personal time and activities for themselves and to avoid burning out and becoming frustrated with providing for the needs of a RSD/CRPS patient 24 hours 7 days a week. 

It helps to be able to get away for a few hours on a regular basis and participate in activities that relieve your mind and replenish your energy. 

Let me give you some good advice. Its REALLY hard to give from an empty cup. I know you are generous, and kind and want the best for your family, but if you are not doing things to put back into your own cup, soon it will be empty, and you will be; 

  • Frustrated
  • Fired
  • Worn
  • Worried
  • Feel Unable To Cope 

You must take some time for your own needs. It’s not a want, it’s not a dream, it’s not selfish, its a must for your own SURVIVAL

  • See A Movie, 
  • Take A Walk 
  • Go To A Ball Game 
  • Spend The Day Just Talking To God 
  • Read A Book
  • Call Your Family

YOU need support every bit as much as they do, or you will become BROKEN!

You are not able to care for them if you are broken, so PLEASE! ASK! 

  • Ask Your Pastor
  • Ask Your MD
  • Ask Your Social Worker
  • Ask Your Support Groups 
  • Ask Your Neighbors
  • Ask Around Your Area 

Once you start asking, you will be amazed at how many walk in your shoes. (From RSDInfoCenter