Hope Of Promises 

All of our stories may be different, but they all deserve the new beginning that hope of promises. 
By continuing to fight our battles, we can be a light to others and that is a purpose worth fighting for. And the cool thing is, those people usually end up choosing to fight our battles with us. If you are struggling right now, don’t give up. Please continue to wake up every morning and remind yourself that you are worthy of recovery and love. We were not put on this earth to survive on our own. 

We were created to thrive in community with others. You never know who’s looking up to you and wondering how you’re managing to stay hopeful despite the battles you face. Whether your battle comes in the form of depression or something entirely different, I’m going to ask you to reach out for support and stay strong. I ask this of you not only because you deserve peace, but because you never know whose heart you might be inspiring as well. 

(An insert By Donaven Blake Smith from his blog posted on To Write Love On Her Arms) 
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