The 2/17 Clothing Line 

The 2/17 Collection

“The Story Behind The Collection”

When I first learned that I was going to have my very own clothing collection with Statement Apparel, I was ecstatic, but also nervous. Who wouldn’t be? It would be a big deal for anyone. I was finally going to be able to spread the word about different issues that people are facing and struggling with medically every day.

The hard part was to actually come up with a name. Naming this clothing line in and of itself was a struggle. I can’t even begin to tell you the days I would listen to songs on my phone waiting to hear those perfect lyrics to come, but never did. Or the nights, when I would be awake at 2 AM just thinking of sayings I’ve heard over the years and writing them down hoping that one of them would somehow sum up this whole collection and what it is all about.

I needed to get the name absolutely perfect. I have never in my wildest dreams thought that I would get to put a name to something remotely this big. But yet, here I am, naming my debut clothing line collection for the world to know and learn about. This collection will be presented all over the world as a hope of inspiration to many. But, my main reason for this clothing collection line is to help raise awareness for those that are struggling and fighting.

So, after many weeks of thinking it over, I have concluded that the perfect name that sums up what this collection means to me is The 2/17 Collection.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use this as a name at first as my debut but, after thinking about if for awhile, I knew it was perfect.

So, why The 2/17 Collection you may wonder? Why did I chose a month and a day as the name for my debut collection line? Well, it’s pretty simple and here is why.

The reason behind the name The 2/17 Collection comes from two personal experience that forever has changed my life. The first one was on February 17 2011 (2/17) my Strong, Resilient, Stubborn, African-American of a Grandfather passed away and that was the day that I learned how vulnerable I truly was because he was the man who we thought would never die.

The second personal experience that has forever change my life was also on February 17 but in 2015 (2/17) on the 4 year anniversary of my Grandfather passing. This day I was forever uncertain about what my life and future held when my doctor gave me the news and told me that I was diagnosed with an incurable illness called CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome).

 That’s why I’ve decided to dedicate my very first clothing collection to everyone who is fighting the good fight. My hope is that you can find inspiration in the designs I created and in the stories behind them.