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He Served Honorably!

How do you want to be remembered when eventually you're done serving? "He served his country." Hopefully, they can add the word "honorably." "A hero is somebody who does the right thing no matter what and I think John throughout his life has been heroic so many times, so we shouldn’t be surprised that as… Continue reading He Served Honorably!

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CRPS Is An Everyday Thing!

Having CRPS you have no idea what the day will bring! CRPS is an EVERYDAY thing! It’s been a long day! I’ve been in and out of one urgent care clinic to be sent to another for a full work up. I left the house at 9:30ish this morning and didn’t get back home until… Continue reading CRPS Is An Everyday Thing!

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Dear Sister Survivors

The stories we want to hear the least are the ones we need to hear the most. To my fellow Sister Survivors and Army Of Women. I’m so proud of every one you! You showed no fear and looked evil in the eye for the very last time! As a former USA Gymnastics gymnast, who… Continue reading Dear Sister Survivors

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Changing Lives One “Like” At A Time! 

As an Ambassador of Beyondbeanie and of Bolivia it's my duty to help and support the Bolivian people in anyway that I can.  But I can't do this alone, that's why I'm calling upon you to show me you're better selves for the people of Bolivia. All I'm asking from you is to "Like" the… Continue reading Changing Lives One “Like” At A Time! 

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BeyondBeanie & Bolivia! 

I'M AN AMBASSADOR OF BOLIVIA!  Let me explain..  I'm a part of a selected few whom are involved in a program that helps children in Bolivia by being an Ambassador for BeyondBeanie.  I received a message one day from a company called BeyondBeanie. I was honored that someone from Bb thought of me and reached out to asked… Continue reading BeyondBeanie & Bolivia!