Sharing My New Normal 

Here is my story. 

Hi my name is Margaret Twitty and I live in Connecticut.

For 18 years I was an Athlete more specifically I was a Gymnast for 18 years.

But that all changed on February 17, 2015 when I was diagnosed with CRPS. CRPS is a rare illness/diagnosis called ‘Complex Regional Pain Syndrome’ (CRPS). 

CRPS is a neurological disorder in which my brain keeps telling my right foot that it’s in pain 24/7 and I’ll have it for the rest of my life until there is a cure. That is why I’m contacting you because I’m hoping that you could help me share my story and the stories of the millions of others whom are impacted by this cruel and unheard of diagnosis. This topic needs to be talked about, not just because it’s so personal to me, but for the impact it has taken on the caregivers who are going non-stop trying to make sure that I everyone is always safe and okay.

I hope that you’ll give me the opportunity to share and raise my voice for those who can’t. For sharing my story and getting it heard. By helping me you’re also helping to share more than a Million American’s and a Billion Worldwide’s stories whom are diagnosed with this cruel illness.

I’m making my cruel struggle into a Strength and I want everyone to know that there is someone who will ALWAYS be in their corner fighting for them and for what it right!

*(There are no set statistics on how many people actually have it because so many of them go undiagnosed)


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