How It Happened

A horse and a bunion surgery!

I was stepped on a 900lb horse in September or October of 2014 but nothing was broken or fractured it just hurt. So I waited to see the doctor because the owner of the farm kept saying it was bruised bone it will go away but after 4 weeks and my foot still hurting and starting to swell I decided to see my doctor on Base..(both my parents were in the Navy.) the doctor said that nothing was wrong with my foot but that I did have a bunion that needed fixed and since I had one removed on my left foot I was like sure let’s get this one done as well. I also had a bone or joint (I forget which one) fused together right where the horse stepped on it just happened to have been in the same place.

So I don’t know if it was the horse or the surgery that actually caused everything. I think it was both.. when the horse stepped on me, my foot was going through a traumatic trauma and then add the surgery a few months later on January 6, 2015 my foot didn’t really have time to heal.

I’m moving past it and not letting it define me. I have this diagnosis yes, but it’s not who I am!