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Lived And Died A Hero 

The hardest part of saying goodbye is having to do it again every single day. Every day we face the same truth. But life is fleeting. That our time here is short. And to honor the fallen, we must live our own lives well.What happens to those left behind when you lose someone in life…… Continue reading Lived And Died A Hero 

#JusticeForJoey · Baseball · Blog · GoFundMe · honor · Joey Gingerella · legacy · Life · Personal

Light It Up Joey Fund

Joey “Jo-Jo Nice” Gingerella was a bright light in the lives of so many who knew him. His smile was golden and contagious. It is only fitting that following his senseless murder in December 2016 that Groton Little League approached his family with the idea of raising money to install lights at the Calvin Burrows…… Continue reading Light It Up Joey Fund

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I Got You Joey 

Groton, Connecticut… This Is Our Town! For 20 years I have seen what makes my town and what breaks my town. I’ve never realized how much someone can be shaped by it. Each of us has a different viewpoint than the next person on how it changed us but in the end it all comes…… Continue reading I Got You Joey 

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The Life Of Joseph Gingerella 

Today I said Goodbye to my Childhood and High School Friend Joey Gingerella. I was profoundly moved by how Beautiful, Powering, and Inspiring everything was.  I can say that without a doubt there wasn’t a dry eye in sight.  But as tears continued to ran down my face I couldn’t help but be proud and…… Continue reading The Life Of Joseph Gingerella 

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Fitch Falcons UNITED! 

Dear readers, I know that my recent posting haven’t been about my recovery or really anything that is on my journey with CRPS/RSD and I apologize for that part.  What I will never do is apologize for honoring and remembering my friend Joey Gingerella  #JusticeForJoey ………… I’ve never been more prouder of calling this town, this community…… Continue reading Fitch Falcons UNITED! 

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Community Speaks Out, #JusticeForJoey

Please Help Support Our Town and Community By Visiting #JusticeForJoey I was so proud of my friend Joey for making a powerful, and life changing impact in our community of Groton, Connecticut! We should all come together and pitch in and honor our fallen friend and make sure that his passion and legacy will never be…… Continue reading Community Speaks Out, #JusticeForJoey