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COVID Vaccine and CRPS

Yesterday I got my first dose of the COVID Vaccine! I got the Moderna.

For those who know me and for those who read this blog know that I have CRPS so I was worried about the after effects of the vaccine but luckily nothing too serious happened! I did feel tired and had a headache but I didn’t get a flare so I’m glad about that! I’m just worried about what will happen when I get my 2nd dose because that seems to be the issue with people.

I hope you guys get your vaccine when it’s your turn!



2 thoughts on “COVID Vaccine and CRPS

  1. I also didn’t get a flare with my CRPS with the first Phizer dose. I’m worried about the 2nd dose, too.


    1. I got my 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine yesterday. I’m a little under the weather today but I haven’t gotten a flare up so far. I did have to call out of work for tonight since I work with kids.. I’m a head gymnastics coach. I’m just trying to take it easy today.


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