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COVID Vaccine and CRPS

Yesterday I got my first dose of the COVID Vaccine! I got the Moderna.

For those who know me and for those who read this blog know that I have CRPS so I was worried about the after effects of the vaccine but luckily nothing too serious happened! I did feel tired and had a headache but I didn’t get a flare so I’m glad about that! I’m just worried about what will happen when I get my 2nd dose because that seems to be the issue with people.

I hope you guys get your vaccine when it’s your turn!




5 thoughts on “COVID Vaccine and CRPS

  1. I also didn’t get a flare with my CRPS with the first Phizer dose. I’m worried about the 2nd dose, too.


    1. I got my 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine yesterday. I’m a little under the weather today but I haven’t gotten a flare up so far. I did have to call out of work for tonight since I work with kids.. I’m a head gymnastics coach. I’m just trying to take it easy today.


    2. Hello I was just wondering how you made out with your 2nd shot of fizer. I had my 2nd shot and it was a bit of a nightmare as I flared badly.. I have CRP S in my left hand and arm and it is traveled up into my shoulder and elbow on the same left side. After my 2nd covid shot I was fine for the 1st day and yesterday and then it seemed the next afternoon I got hot and cold chills severely. We were having a heatwave here and I had to go outside I was so cold and sit in the heatwave to warm up. By the evening my fever had risen to a 101 and that carried on for about 24 hours.. I was definitely sick and had the flu like symptoms no doubt. Fever chills nausea And I felt like a fleet of transports had run me over 15 times. Every inch of my body ached on top of the flaring of the CRP S.. This whole ordeal lasted about 5 days oh I forgot the headaches the headaches for about 3 days… Anyways all is well and I seem fine.. I do remember the nurse asking me if with CRP S we are immuneno compromised and if we are she wondered if we should have the shot or not. I had the vaccine on the recommendation of my doctor who really doesn’t know a lot about CRP S.. He told me he felt that the Benefits outweighThe risks..
      I don’t know I still think the votes out on that.. I do believe in the science.. What I find frustrating is that a lot of people with 2 vaccines are still getting covid… Yes maybe they aren’t getting it as bad and I guess that’s a good thing… My worries since I’ve had to navigate the health care system in the past year during covid it’s been a nightmare on top of what I Am going through…
      With the nurse shortages that we are experiencing here especially in Ontario perhaps all of Canada perhaps the whole world.. That’s the real scary part don’t get sick cause there won’t be any nurses to take care of us let alone doctors and surgeons…


  2. I have CRP S I have been vaccinated against covid. I had the fizer shot After I had the 1st shot I had an extremely sore arm for for about 3 or 4 days for 4 days that was it. However the 2nd fizer shot was a nightmare And it flared my left arm and hand CRP S terribly. I also had a high fever of 101 that lasted 24 hours extreme body aches As well as the massive flares in my left arm in hand. I also experienced headaches And neck pain. This all lasted about 5 days.
    Probably still worth it.. The thing that the nurse was wondering when I told her about what I had but I had was about being immunocompromised with this condition..So I wasn’t sure about that part of it but I did it anyways..


  3. I had covid in July 2020. I got a severe spread from both feet up to both thighs. (Cytokine increase with COVID and the cytokine increase we with CRPS already have, well, I had a bad spread.) I had a mild case of covid and immediately went on Prednisone to try to stop the spread. In month 3, I developed SOB and other lung issues I didn’t have immediately. Not sure how to make this story short but stuff happened and it’s now clear my lung issues are due to covid spread rather than lung issues directly from the virus. I also have a spread to my colon and most likely larynx. My voice changed after covid and my chest pain is in my ribs. I am now in oxygen at night as my typical 02 is low 90s.

    To make matters worse, this week, when getting an IV for an MRI, the IV hit a nerve in my arm. I was telling for her to take it out and she wouldn’t until I reached i we to pull it myself. (I’m a nurse BTW.) Thinking about all the spread I’ve had this year, I was quite upset as you can imagine. I didn’t know what to do, and never having done ketamine before, and no idea if it would help, I got a first time ketamine infusion to see if it could stave off a spread. I don’t know yet tho the pain in my arm is better. Of interest is the day after the infusion, I could take a deep breath without pain and my 02 was 97. Today, I woke with rib pain again as the ketamine wore off. This is why I know my rib pain and low 02 is from a CRPS spread after covid infection.

    Please, get your vaccine. Getting covid is worse for a spread than the vaccine is. I also got a moderna booster last month with fear I will add. But the thought of getting covid again, and ending up full body, is the fer of my life right now.

    I can’t find out how long it will take to know if this nerve injury from the IV could cause permanent injury.

    I’m scared to death. BTW, I’ve had CRPS for 42 years. My entire adult life. I was 24 when I woke from back surgery with it. From an on the job nursing injury.

    There is no such thing as a mild case if you have CRPS. At least if you end up with a spread. If you get covid, watch for spread and get help right away. 10 days of Prednisone did I seems stop the spread at my groin. Both sides.

    Wear a mask and please stay home when numbers are high. Scary. Thanks. Be.


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