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More Than Statistics.

A few days ago I learned that my dad has COVID 19. My dad has done everything that he can to stay safe from this virus but the thing is, my dad is one of the countless doctors and nurses that continue to put themselves on the front line for others everyday. My dad is a Respirator Therapist, Has been even before I was born. Being a RT during Covid is tough and exhausting work, and to add on to that tough and exhausting day to day work..he is the ONLY full time RT at his hospital in a small town in Tennessee.

My dad followed every guideline and yet he still got sick! My dad also has underlying issues too.. he’s part Black, high cholesterol, former smoker. I don’t know what I would do without my dad.. yes, we’ve had our ups and downs.. our fights.. but he’s still my dad. I’m my dad’s daughter through and through. I’m his first born, I was literally born a day before his birthday (he wanted a kid before his birthday and he got one.)

If you think it doesn’t matter if your town, city, or state hasn’t seen a rise of #covid19 cases then think again! There are people like my dad that are doing everything they can to help others get better, but instead healthcare worker are getting sick themselves just by trying to help combat this virus and help save their patients. So to everyone being selfish and only thinking about themselves and not those around them by not wearing a mask, remember this… What others around you do affects you, and what you do affects others. SO WEAR YOUR DAME MASKS! HELP SAVE LIVES!

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