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Thank You ABC’s Station 19

Dear Station 19 & Boris Kodjoe,

Thank you for writing in the struggles that so many of us face when it comes to the rare and incurable illness that is CRPS.

When I saw last night’s new episode I was thankful that our stories will FINALLY be told through the eyes of a character. Boris Kodjoe, I know you will do phenomenal with bringing Sullivan’s pain to life and the struggles that come with living with this cruel diagnosis. I know you are only playing a person who has it but for everyone of us that has to live with it daily we thank you!


Here is a clip from last night’s episode of Station 19 that mentions CRPS.


Here are a few options to watch Station 19

1. catch Station 19 on ABC Thursday’s at 8/7c

2. download Hulu to watch the latest episodes and watch the new episode the next day.

3. use the ABC App

4. watch the episodes On Demand

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