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Me Time

Hey guys!

I’m taking some “me time” and with the holidays around the corner things are going to be a lot more hectic. I’ll probably won’t post as often as I’ve been and when I do post it will probably be one or two.

On Friday I hurt my back at the gym and it’s still bothering me so I’ve been in no mood to write.

I just need some downtime to recover and recharge.

Love y’all,


One thought on “Me Time

  1. Margaret I greatly admire you. I have recently found out about a month ago that I have CRPS while I have been healing from tendinitis. It is quite an interesting thing to deal with . You are so strong about this . I too know I am am overcomer although it is hard every day . Especially since the winter has been getting colder. I have five kids and to lighten things with my hand I just say I can be like Elsa from Frozen sine I wear a glove on my hand. I hope your back feels better sometime soon. – Holly


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