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Fatigue from Chronic Health Condition

Here are just some of the symptoms faced by those with fatigue as a result of a disability or long term health conditions 

1. Overwhelming – It’s more than just feeling tired after a late night or being busy. It’s all consuming, and no amount of sleep makes that feeling go away.

2. Muscle Fatigue – Our muscles often ache and have little or nor strength in them. They can give way. Exercise isn’t usually an option to increase strength as it results in even more fatigue.

3. Brain Fog – Fatigue causes problems with cognition, increases forgetfulness and we can struggle to find words, understand numbers or make decisions.

4. Flu Like Symptoms – Fatigue is often described as feeling like you constantly have the flu, have no energy, constant aches and pains as well as things like nausea, dizziness and balance problems.  

5. Sensitivities – Many people with fatigue have increases sensitivities to light, sound, smell and temperature. noisy, drafty, open plan offices can be a real struggle. 

6. Chronic Pain – Pain symptoms vary dependent on condition but chronic pain problems are common alongside fatigue. 

*If you have any of the above symptoms please meet your general physician immediately for resolution.

Much thanks to Garima the creator of empress2inspire for her help on this post.

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