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10 Ways to Distract Yourself From Pain

1. Touch – Nerves can only process one sensation at a time. Ask you beloved to gently stroke the area that hurts to distract your nerves.

2. Reading – Disappearing into a good story can block out the pain. Ask your friends to recommend good books.

3. Creativity – Creativity helps you focus on something else. Try coloring, photography, writing, woodworking, knitting or baking. 

4. Sex – Orgasms produce endorphins, your body’s natural painkillers.

5. Nature – Getting out of the house gets you out of your head. Take a deep breath and notice the natural world.

6. Laughing – A good laugh makes you feel better all over. Try a comedy podcast or movie. 

7. Petting your Pets – Did you know that a cat’s purr vibrating between 20-140Hz can be therapeutic for some illnesses. 

8. Good Sleep – Your body heals when you sleep. Ask your doctor for help to sleep better.

9. Cuddling with Kids – Having the small body of a child next to you makes you feel protective and living, the antithesis of pain. 

10. Meditation – Meditating just 20 minutes a day can significantly reduce your perception of pain. 

Much thanks to Garima the creator of empress2inspire for her help on this post.

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