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Living With Burning Pain: One Patient’s CRPS Story.

Last year I did an online article for Practical Pain Management about my life with CRPS.

Here is just a piece of the article..

For Margaret, now 24, the terrible burning sensation that heralded the onset of CRPS began only a few days after the surgery.  She’d expected some discomfort. Because bunions run in her family, Margaret had had a similar surgery on her left foot when she was 18.

But this time, the post-surgical discomfort was unlike anything she’d experienced.  “I was in so much pain,” she says. “I felt like my toes were on fire, my ankle was throbbing so badly, and my shin was also in pain,” she remembers. Her mother rushed her to the emergency room at her local hospital in Groton, Connecticut.  


Living With Burning Pain: One Patient’s CRPS Story


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