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She’s Fit To Lead Article 

“We’re big believers in Margaret Twitty’s favorite saying,”Know The Person Not The Disability.” But sometimes, learning more about a disability is an important way to understand what others around us are going through. With that in mind, we asked Margaret Twitty, founder of the 2/17 clothing line and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome sufferer to share her story with us.”

I’m extremely proud of my most recent interview that I got the chance of doing for She’s Fit To Lead.

She’s Fit To Lead is the place for college and early career women to go to become confident leaders in the real world.- Via Website

That’s why I’m incredibly proud of this piece that they did on me and that dedication and passion that they have for all types of Girls and Women across the globe! I’m extremely honored and thankful that I can be a part of helping just from sharing my life story!


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