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Oh, What Now!

Around 1pm on Friday I fell off a ladder that I was using to paint my room and landed on my back, my right foot (my bad foot), my side ribs, my left shoulder, my elbow, my arm, and my head. I got several X-Rays done and a CAT Scan to make sure that I didn’t have a concussion.

Everything is fine except my foot.. I chipped a piece of bone near my toe making it extremely painful to walk! I’m going to be on crutches for some time.

It has been a struggle to say the least 🤕 and I’ll be in more pain. So please keep me in your prayers.

Love y’all ❤️


5 thoughts on “Oh, What Now!

  1. I am so sorry that you got hurt and are having to go through this! I know how CRPS makes things so much more difficult!! Please know I am keeping you in my prayers for a quick and for the best recovery possible.

    I have had CRPS for 16 years and have so much compassion for you!!

    God bless you and thank you for posting on your blog! Doreen McCloskey



  2. I am sorry for your injury and resulting CRPS/RSD. Twenty seven years ago I was at a similar point. I say similar because even though we have the same diagnosis everyone ‘s situation is different. How it happened, the area of the injury, is the CRPS/RSD spreading,the stage of life we are in, our past plans for the future, friends and family we have around us are unique to each individual. You have and will continue to find that people look and interact in a different manner than before.But why? You look and talk the same as before. Their response is not due us a lack of caring but one of not being able to relate. Your condition is such an extreme to what they deal with in their daily lives. This is even true with most doctors. After going through treatment for body wide multi organ stage four cancer, I had a very good doctor tell me compared to cancer my RSD that covers my whole body must be nothing. I explained the RSD had impacted my life and family in ways cancer could not come close to. Since then he has educated himself. Now we have an understanding based on knowledge. He is more open to my first hand point of view. My life was forever changed due my CRPS/RSD but surely it did not end there.With the support of a wonderful wife I continue to make new plans and goals for the future. Each day brings new challenges. Some are unpleasant and downright painful others with the right attitude can be uplifting. Regardless of their nature each must be faced, so take the good with bad and meet each day head on. Life is to wonderful not to live it to the maximum. To end I wish only the best for you.


  3. Margaret, Thank you for you courage and resolve when it comes to this life changing disease!! I was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS after a work injury in 2011. I am 36 now and am finally starting to get my life back on track. I losted everything and didn’t have a lot of support. As a matter of fact my family turned their back’s on my and thought I was “Faking It!” I am also on a journey to bring awareness to RSD/CRPS. It’s very fraustraiting and we’ll scary when your doctor’s don’t know how to help you. I found a free documentary on YouTube about RSD/CRPS. It’s called: Trial by Fire – CRPS documentary by Charles Mattock. I watched it, cried and was inspired. November is RSD/CRPS awareness month and I would love to work with you to get this disease out there and known!!! I recently gave this same documentary to my many doctor’s. It’s so important that they educate themselves, have a good relationship with us and that they listen to us!! We know are bodies! I can’t tell you how many times I have been treated extremely poorly because the “Doctor” didn’t know what RSD/CRPS is!! My goal is to change that and to make sure that everyone with this disease knows that they ARE NOT ALONE!! God Bless


    1. Rebecca- I’m so glad you reached out to me! This diagnosis is a tricky one and that’s why it’s part of the Invisible Illness category.

      It’s definitely hard for people to understand what is going on and how to help..

      I actually know Charles Mattock.. I talked to him when he was making the documentary. We’ve stayed in touch every since.

      I would love to work with you on raising awareness for CRPS.

      I’m on Facebook under Margaret Renee Twitty find me and send me a message so we can figure something out.


  4. I am not very open about rsd. As stated. Most including the medical professionals simply have not heard of rsd now crps. I saw many specialists. Had the surgeries they recommended to solve my problem. Neither they’re surgeries nor medications proved useful. They in the end thought it might all be in my head. In 2011 a pain management dr diagnosed my condition as rsd in my right arm and hand. I did not believe him. In 2014 it spread to my right leg. This is a lonely disease.
    Never give up. Forgive those that cannot understand.

    Thank you for your words


    Albert c Poland jr


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