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Brooklyn Bedding 3 Years Later And Counting!

After almost 3 years I’m still in love with my Brooklyn Bedding as I was day I got it!

I’ve gone through so many mattresses in my life.. I always think I’ve FINALLY found the PERFECT one but then something happens. I happened to have come across brooklyn bedding thanks to my cousin.. some of you may know him from his time in the NFL, AJ Hawk. .

As athletes we look for that “right” or “perfect” thing that will help us sleep and ease the pain at the same time. I’ve found that with BB I’m able to sleep better, stay asleep, and be more refreshed the next morning.

I needed a mattress that could help with my CRPS. Having CRPS I’m in my bed more often so it was important that I continued to stay comfortable no matter how long I was on the mattress. So I would DEFINITELY recommend this for those whom are dealing with chronic pain Or chronic illness.

I can’t thank BB (brooklyn bedding) and it’s staff enough for their hard work and determination to make sure that I got the right mattress and that I continued to be satisfied after I received their product.

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