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The LiftUp Lifestyle

What is “The LiftUp Lifestyle

The LiftUp Lifestyle is a community that helps you Connect, Encourage, and Support one another.

Their Value is-

“To put meaning behind everything that you do. To look at the people to the right of you and to the left of you with compassion. To see others as an extension of yourself. To treat them as if they were you.”

Their Mission is-

“To give each and every person the opportunity to live their best life and let go of what does not deserve them. To love your neighbor unconditionally. To support one another when it is needed. To inspire those around you. To get inspired by those around you.”

I was contacted by LiftUp through Instagram and I was inspired by the work that they do.. they are more than a community they are also a small business that creates jewelry called “Gift Of Lift.”

They create necklaces that you can custom create with what word you want. I chose my word to be “Resilient” because I’ve been through so much in my life but more so these past 3 almost 4 years when I was diagnosed with CRPS. I never realized how resilient I’ve been through it all and that’s why I picked that to be my word on my necklace.

I hope you’re able to find your word and show it off to the world because you deserve it!

Much Love,


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