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The Hidden Gifts Within The Trauma Of Sexual Abuse.

I want to share a book that I’ve been reading lately that has been helping me. The book is called “The Hidden Gifts Within the Trauma of Sexual Abuse” The author Keira Poulsen reached out to me on Instagram sharing with me about how she recently came forward with her own truth about being sexually abused. This book is more than someone telling their story, it’s a book about faith, and finding yourself again after going through the worst nightmare imagine.

In the book there’s places that you’re can write. There’s different questions for you to answer. It’s a workbook. But mostly it’s a book that can help bring the light out of yourself again. I hope you take a look at this book and I hope this book helps you like it helped me!

One thought on “The Hidden Gifts Within The Trauma Of Sexual Abuse.

  1. Hi Margaret Renee! I am a CRPS Survivor now for 15 years and follow your blog. After reading this post, I felt led to tell you about a program created by Worldwide Discipleship Asso called “Restoring Your Heart”. I am going through the program now and think it is truly amazing and very instrumental in my own healing and ability to deal with the CRPS each day. The program deals with how the emotional stress and painful events of our childhood and early adulthood impact us physically and mentally as we grow older. I cannot say enough good things about the program. It is being taught in several of the local churches in my area. If you would like to know more about it (I know you find it very helpful), please contact me so that I may tell you more! Thank you for sharing your story with us!! I lift you in prayer to be blessed with many no pain days!


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