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Diamond Headache Clinic

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Diamond Headache Clinic, the oldest and largest headache center in Chicago, Illinois. They asked me to help raise awareness about invisible illnesses by sharing their Slideshow.

This incredible Clinic created a presentation about the different types of migraine headaches and symptoms in children. Children between the ages of 5 and 9 often experience abdominal headaches, which can develop into more severe headaches later in life.

Diamond Headache Clinic was doing some research for a when they came across my blog ‘My Journey With RSD’. They said that my advocacy for chronic illness is inspiring and helps others feel less alone with their battle. They continued to say that my blog serves as an excellent resource for those looking to find news and information about how to live a pain-free life, so they wanted to reach out.

I’m so grateful that Diamond Headache Clinic reached out to me. I’m honored to share their work and research with you, I hope by sharing this we’ll be able to help someone’s child. No one wants to see a child in pain and it’s especially difficult when you don’t know what’s causing your child’s pain.

I wish everyone the very best!



Here is a Slideshow of Children’s Migraine Types and Symptoms.


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