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23andMe + Breast Cancer

After reading CNBC story about 23andMe and Breast Cancer I had to share my story!

When I did my 23andMe I was lucky enough to know beforehand that I didn’t have the BC (Breast Cancer) gene. My dad’s side of the family possibly carries the gene.

My Dad’s Twin Sister had BC, another Sister of had it, a couple cousins of theirs had it as well.

So when I found out that my Aunt Leslie (dad’s twin) had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer when I was a Senior in high school and then found out another Aunt of mine also had it I started to get curious to know if it was genetic or not. So when I was a Freshman in College I did some research into Breast Cancer and Genetics since both my Aunts had it and since one Aunt was my dad’s Twin I wanted to know if it was passed down like the “Twin Gene” is. I did an interview for the BRCA test but since I was still 18 I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know just yet if I had the gene because if I did then the next step would be “What Now”, “What do I do with this information”, “How do I handle it”.

So after a few years I decided to get tested. What my BRCA person did was send me a packet of information that I had to write about me and my family’s history, both health and genealogy. I come from a HUGE family so it took a few weeks for everything to get done.

When I sent everything in it took a few weeks for her to get everything sorted out and when she did she determined that only two of my family members (My dad’s Twin sister and their other sister) are the two that could really determine if there is a Breast Cancer Gene in my family. The other thing that they could do is a blood drawn and send it to a lab that tests for genetic mutation. When I got my test back I was cleared of everything! I was negative for having any genetic mutation such as Breast Cancer!

I was fortunate enough that I was able to pay out of pocket for this test but not everyone is. There are options like Color

If you know that your family has a history of any form of cancer PLEASE get tested!

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