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Summer & Beyond

I’m excited for this summer and for what’s to come afterwards!

These past 3 years have been incredibly difficult to say the least. But I feel like these past months have been the most difficult of my life. My hope is that this summer will help me find peace within myself but within those I love. These past few weeks I’ve had to deal with fear and anxiety but now I can deal with trying to be me again. Hopefully by traveling this summer and getting out of Connecticut I will find that strength and that joy I once felt so many years ago.

Just a few days ago I mentioned to someone that I used to model.. turns out that she and her parents have a family owned business called Brightlytwisted and I might have an opportunity to model for them. Also after coming forward with my truth of being sexually abuse I was directed by Go Teal to reach out to a company called Firewater Apparel Co.

Firewater Apparel Co. just recently partnered up with NO MORE.. “An organization dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault by increasing awareness, inspiring action and fueling culture change.”

Because of coming forward and speaking my truth I felt like I needed to do more in raising awareness for Sexual Assault/Abuse so I reached out to Austin Pabian the Founder and CEO of Firewater and asked even though I live in a different state what can I do to be involved with this company. He messaged me saying that he and I will try to work something out! I couldn’t be more thankful to help be a part of something that will change lives!

I feel like God has brought these incredible people into my life for a reason and I’m so thankful that He did!

2 thoughts on “Summer & Beyond

  1. I too have CRPS, I have it both feet, right knee, ( following knee replacement), I’m a Registered nurseand continue to work part time, I come home and can barely walk. I’m 68, healthy, I ride my bike, the only thing that doesn’t make me hurt. I was dx in 2013, it started out in just the right foot, was not dx until a year later, it has o lt just begun in my left foot, I’m having lots of pain. I see my dr next week, I want to change my Gabapentin , I think it’s affecting my memory. I also take Effexor, not getting much sleep at night. Going to get my dr give me some pain pills.
    Thank you for your story


  2. My story is parallel to yours. Gabapentin and Gralise side effects were worse than the RSD. I was losing my shirt term memory. My greatest relief comes from acupuncture and following a strict organic diet of no red meat, no white foods and no sugars. Some veggies and fish are also prohibited. It’s not easy but preferable to the constant pain.


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