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Light It Up Joey Fund

Joey “Jo-Jo Nice” Gingerella was a bright light in the lives of so many who knew him. His smile was golden and contagious. It is only fitting that following his senseless murder in December 2016 that Groton Little League approached his family with the idea of raising money to install lights at the Calvin Burrows Field to honor Joey’s memory.

This space was special to Joey, who spent his youth playing baseball on the field. His name is already on the dugout, as he was part of the championship team that had that honor bestowed upon them. But the members of the community called for more.

Shortly following his tragic loss of life, a petition was circulated by a member of the community to rename Calvin Burrows Field to memorialize Joey. His parents were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. As it turned out, the Town of Groton was unable to rename the field due to the historical relationship of Calvin Burrows.

As with years past, when the baseball season approached, the subject of lights at the Groton Little League Calvin Burrows Field was revisited. This time, though, a lightbulb went off in the community. So many have asked how they can contribute to Joey’s legacy. And that’s when Tammy and Joe de la Cruz were asked if they would take on the fundraising campaign to add lights to the field. The campaign is called “Light It Up Joey” and the goal is to raise $40,000.

The kickoff for this campaign was Thursday June 1, 2017 at Washington Park in Groton. There, Joey’s former softball team, renamed “So Nice Twice,” played his former Fitch High School baseball teammates to commemorate the young man who died too young.

Joey died trying to save a woman who was being assaulted by her boyfriend. That was him, always willing to help others, even those he did not know. Joey “Jo-Jo Nice” Gingerella lived and died a hero and we know it on every field.

Please donate to help Joey Light It Up! (Words Via Melissa-Anne Delacruz Prosdocimo) 


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