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Changing Lives One “Like” At A Time! 

As an Ambassador of Beyondbeanie and of Bolivia it’s my duty to help and support the Bolivian people in anyway that I can. 

But I can’t do this alone, that’s why I’m calling upon you to show me you’re better selves for the people of Bolivia.

All I’m asking from you is to “Like” the link below and pass this message on. We all can help change the lives of the next generation and all you have to do is click “Like”…

So who’s ready to change a life!

4 thoughts on “Changing Lives One “Like” At A Time! 

  1. Margaret. I have rsd in my right foot. 8 months old injury. Nerve damage. Moving into spine and stomach. Been to many doctors, I don’t have classic pain. Dull ache. Tried to call Dr Radin for a referral for someone in New York. please call me. or have your mom. I’m a 55 year old woman live in new rochelle ny 914 632 3732


    1. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been able to call you. I’ve been sick off and on for the past 2 weeks. This Monday and Wednesday I was severely sick and couldn’t keep anything down.

      Have you looked into the CRPS Clinic that’s in NY? It’s only been opened for a year or so, you should take a look at that. Or call my doctor again and hear what he has to say. Since we don’t live in NY like you do it’s hard to know what doctors would work.

      Also my email is it’s easier to reach me that way.


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