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We Need More People Like Tea Leoni and Elizabeth McCord! 

Ever since I could remember I’ve grown up looking at people whom I could believe in when they spoke and fought to change the world just because they believed it was right not because someone told them too or was paying them for it. This is probably why I’ve always looked up to Tea Leoni as a role model and as a woman who stands up for what she believes is right. 

So last night as I was watching Madam Secretary I couldn’t help but see not just the Actress Tea Leoni or her character Elizabeth McCord. What I saw last night was just Tea being her true self and talking about the importance of true beauty. 

In 2015 Tea Leoni did an article for Emmy Magazine she said “I earned every line on my face. Every mistake, every sunburn, every stress, every beautiful moment. Every minute of a 30-hour labor – that was the first one – I’m wearing it. And I wonder why that isn’t considered, in its own way, gorgeous.” 

So as I was watching I thought of Tea and her words, and I’m proud to say that I too earned every line on my face, just like she has earned every line on her face.

When Tea’s Elizabeth McCord showed her sensitivity about her perception she expressed it in a way, that any woman in a professional setting could relate to. Her initial reaction of being offended and worried that she even had to be photoshopped was a reflection of how the importance of outward beauty can be. Her concern about her crows eyes may seem silly to some, but in diplomacy, and the world the little things matter.

My favorite scene from last night’s Madam Secretary was this:

“Elizabeth McCord- Baby, you didn’t say the wrong thing; it was everybody else. I mean… I just… I… I want people to talk about what I’m trying to do, not about how I look doing it. You know? 

Alison McCord- That must suck. 

Elizabeth McCord- Yeah, it… sucks for everybody. I mean… it’s fun to feel pretty. But when that’s the only thing the world is looking for, they miss so much.”

Women everywhere has to prove everyday that they are worth every bit the same as their male counterparts no matter what it entails. So I applaud Tea, the cast, the crew, and especially the creators and writers for putting pen to paper and creating a series that has brought about topics that affect everyone here in the States and Abroad. 

The Team of Madam Secretary

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