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I Got You Joey 

Groton, Connecticut… This Is Our Town!

For 20 years I have seen what makes my town and what breaks my town. I’ve never realized how much someone can be shaped by it. Each of us has a different viewpoint than the next person on how it changed us but in the end it all comes down to one small town in the state of Connecticut. 

This town has changed me as a person but recently it has inspired me and motivated me to do something for my community just as my Friend Joey Gingerella was doing. 

Yes, that Joey Gingerella. Joey and I grew up in the same small town and went to the same schools. We also had the same group of friends that goes all the way back to our childhood innocence.

Now all that we have left are the haunting but needed sounds of his voice and laughter and the memories we all carry with us in our hearts. 

He lived his life taking care of those around him. This shirt is in honor of his life and in celebration of what he lived. Wearing this shirt will be a constant reminder for what he lived and died to represent. The ‘I got you’ shirts are a constant reminder to live out the passion for unity in YOUR city. They are reminder to say “I got you” to those around you, no matter who they are. We hope that you will use these shirts as a conversation piece and as a reminder to cultivate a culture of unity in YOUR city.

I Got You Shirts

In Honor Of Joey Gingerella… Designed by http://www.amydightondesign.com/ So thank you Amy Dighton for creating and designing a powerful message with “I Got You”. This Shirt is for our community, our town, but most important for our fallen Hero Joey.

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