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The Life Of Joseph Gingerella 

Today I said Goodbye to my Childhood and High School Friend Joey Gingerella.

I was profoundly moved by how Beautiful, Powering, and Inspiring everything was.  I can say that without a doubt there wasn’t a dry eye in sight. 

But as tears continued to ran down my face I couldn’t help but be proud and inspired when a fellow Fitch Alum and friend Angelina Quinn was called up to speak. This woman whom I’ve known for quite a few years showed all of us what it takes to have the strength, willpower, and fortitude to get up on stage and share your personal memories about your fallen friend. 

While doing so I may add, in front of the hundreds of people whom packed into the auditorium of Fitch High School. I applaud you Angelina for your inspiring words and action, I can tell that it wasn’t easy to do. I’m so proud of you!  

But the people whom continue to be our Beacon of Hope and Light for the Community are the ones whom are hurting the most. They are the strongest and compassionate people that I have ever met. They are Joey’s Family. 

Sister Kayla Gingerella, Dad and Connecticut State Representative Joe de la Cruz, and Mom Tammy de la Cruz. 

Tammy and Joe, My heart goes out to both of you. For this reason. How do parents go on when they lose a child? I’m not a parent but I’m a sister and a daughter, and I can’t and don’t even want to imagine what it would be like to lose someone you share this invisible cord with. How do you get up every day? How do you learn to live again?. 

How do we all learn to live again? Learn to live this new life without your Son, our Brother, our Friend, our Teammate, our Joey! 


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