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Fitch Falcons UNITED! 

Dear readers,

I know that my recent posting haven’t been about my recovery or really anything that is on my journey with CRPS/RSD and I apologize for that part. 

What I will never do is apologize for honoring and remembering my friend Joey Gingerella 



I’ve never been more prouder of calling this town, this community my home like I have this week. But most of all, I’m beyond thankful to be part of the ‘Fitch Falcon Family’. A Family that comes with different backgrounds, cultures, and histories but also comes with love, kindness, compassion, and willingness to help support each other. I’m incredibly honored and also inspired by the people whom I loving get the honor to call Family.

During our 4 years at Fitch we learned more than just your basic classroom experiences. During our time at Fitch we learned what it means to become a Family and even though it’s been 6-7 years since we all graduated and gone our separate ways. We can still rely on our Fitch Family now just the same as before to help get us through whatever comes our way. 

This Saturday December 17th at 2pm EVERYONE will become a Fitch Falcon, weather you attended our High School or not. For one Saturday our Community will become UNITED as ONE so we can honor our Family Member and Hero Joey Gingerella.




Sign Petition To Rename Local Baseball Field In Honor Of Joey Gingerella

#JusticeForJoey Funding Page

Community Speaks Out


We Remember Joey Gingerella

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