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Community Speaks Out, #JusticeForJoey

Please Help Support Our Town and Community By Visiting #JusticeForJoey
I was so proud of my friend Joey for making a powerful, and life changing impact in our community of Groton, Connecticut! We should all come together and pitch in and honor our fallen friend and make sure that his passion and legacy will never be forgotten! 

What Joey and his mom created a Non-Profit Organization called Community Speaks Out to end the stigma on addiction. The Non-Profit Organization is to help people get into rehab and interventions and raise money and awareness. 
It’s profoundly inspiring to have seen Joey whom had fought his own demons with addiction, give back to his community and town by helping others whom are fighting their own demons of addiction was something beyond incredible.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have it all together after High School, because trust me, no one actually does. But when you have a passion that truly means something to you, please don’t let it slip away from you because you never know if your passion could one day be that thing that could change lives and also save lives.

If there is one thing good to come out of this heartache and pain it would be that we’re reconnecting with each other, while honoring our fallen brother Joey! #JusticeForJoey

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