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Today My Friend Joey was killed by a senseless act of Gun Violence. Please help support #JusticeForJoey

This morning I lost my friend Joey Gingerella. Joey was my childhood buddy all the way through High School and beyond, his life and passion will never be replaced. Joey was a kindhearted and passionate guy. He acted tough but to his friends and family he was a teddy bear so full of heart, compassion, but most of all he had love. Now our world is a little more dimmer because he’s no longer here to help light the way. But, he definitely left a legacy for us to remember.

Death has touched us all in different ways, but when it’s a fellow classmate and someone you’ve grown up with since you were 8 or 9 years old it’s a whole different kind of pain. Especially when you learn how they died when it didn’t have to happen. How do people cope with loss like this because I’ve never experienced this and it has left me questioning so many things. Unfortunately, the only way I and so many of us can truly live with this pain that knew Joey when tragedies like this arrive are to open our eyes, our minds, and most painfully, our hearts to reality. We humble ourselves and remember what’s truly important. The mind takes over and we question why it is that we go about life so simply when it can be taken away so easily. The thoughts are deafening…but eventually they fade. We never forgot these tragedies, but that ignorant bliss comes crawling back to heal us. The most painful part is that this cycle will repeat itself throughout our lives. The main thing is to remind everyone to be kind to others and appreciate each moment and each individual in our lives. You never know what they may be going through and you never know if they will be here tomorrow. These next couple of weeks and months will be hard because as of right now Joey’s killer has yet to be captured. So all I ask personally is for you to please keep Joey’s Family, Friends, Fellow Fitch High School Classmates and Everyone who loved him in your thoughts and prayers. Thank You.


Here is the update that we all have been waiting for since we’ve learned what happened to our beacon of light Joey! 

This caption says it all CAPTURED!! 




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