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Know The Person, Not The Disability 

     Know The Person, Not The Disability

      You don’t have to live under the shadow of a stereotype that is a disability. You only have one life. It’s your choice on how and what you should be doing with your own life regardless of what type of disabilities you have. It’s your choice to believe in yourself, and believe in the people around you who will help you and will also love you no matter what struggles you may be facing. I don’t think we should ever give up on people… disabilities or not.

    “Know The Person, Not The Disability” comes from a quote I saw years ago and it just stuck with me. When you see me on the outside, I look like a normal person, but on the inside I’m struggling with disabilities. There are things that someone without a disability would find so easy and simple, but for me, it’s always been an uphill challenge.

      Having a disability is something I know far too well because of my own experience. 

      At the age of 7 I was diagnosed with a learning disability this made school really hard to understand. With my learning disabilities, I can get easily confused and can’t remember things that other people would easily remember. And now with my diagnoses of CRPS, it’s even more difficult to remember things all at once then it before. 

      I’m continuing to learn my “New Normal” with CRPS and what that means for me in the future. Luckily, I have an amazing and inspiring mother who helps me along the way. And, now I have this incredible clothing company called Statement Apparel that will help me make not only my own dream line, but to make their dream line as well.  


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