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I Fought Now You Must Fight 

              I Fought Now You Must Fight

     The meaning behind these 6 strong and powerful words comes from the mind of a woman who I am so honored to call my Aunt. In 2010 my Aunt Leslie was battling a life changing diagnose by the name of Breast Cancer. In Mid-June of 2010 she fought her fight and won her battle against Cancer! 

      In 2015 it was now my time to fight my own life changing diagnosis… but this time it wouldn’t be so simple because my diagnose is with a rare illness called ‘Complex Regional Pain Syndrome’ (CRPS). CRPS is a neurological disorder in which my brain keeps telling my right foot that it’s in pain 24/7 and I’ll have it for the rest of my life until there is a cure.

     The reason why my Aunt’s words mean so much to me is because, when I wasn’t walking from January through May of 2015, I kept her words in my mind telling me that I will get through this. She fought her fight and won and I will fight my fight and win no matter what the outcome is. I will live my life and try to move on with the pain, but I will try my very best to not let it hold me down. 


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