Thank You Veterans and Ancestors 

On this Veteran’s Day I want to thank everyone who has served this country. We honor those who’ve fought for your freedoms. Freedom of speech. The right to assemble. Freedom of the press. Equal rights for ALL. We are acutely aware of how precious these freedoms are right now. Let’s honor those who died to preserve them by committing to stand up for them.

Today I want to honor some incredibly brave and truly resilient Ancestors of mine whom just happen to be African-American! I’m beyond honored to be a descendent to so many courageous people.

(My Grandfather William Henry “Bill” Twitty) 

It’s because of all them and their vision for the future to one day make this country a better place, a more safer place for every child and the for every generation that comes after. I just hope that everything my Ancestors and your Ancestors fought for was not all in vain. Because if they could actually see what has come of this world and the country they so proudly fought for I wonder if they would think everything that they did was all worth it or not. 

So many of you have given so much to us, You’ve given your lives for us and for our rights and in a time when so many of us are feeling broken, scared, and fearful of the coming 4 years, we must find it in ourselves to remember how incredibly fortunate we are to live in a country that has so many freedoms. But, we also must NOT forget that we should always be thankful to be living in a country that allows both men AND women to fight and serve in all of our Military Branches. Because of their honorable service to this country the least we could do is honor them and thank them for their service to this great country. We’ll continue to be in their debit for there will never be a way to repay them for everything that they did and still do while serving so with that I honor and thank everyone of you.


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