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Welcoming The 2/17 Clothing Line Collection! 

I thought being diagnosed with CRPS was going to be my downfall, my forever weakness. But, after months of struggling through the pain that comes along with this illness and the heartache of realizing my once normal life was no more. 

We make choices in our lives everyday that not only define who we are but how we live. Every little decision we all make has an impact on our lives. That single impact it makes a ripple effects far beyond what we can predict. That’s why I ultimately had to accept that this was my new life, this is my new normal and I’ll keep fighting like hell to keep the darkness from creeping inside me. This diagnoses will never be my downfall and I will never again see it as my forever weakness, for I will choose to make it a strength. This illness that I have it will always be a part of me but I don’t have to always be a part of it and let it take over my life. That’s when I thought why not make something good come out of this illness by sharing my story and the stories of others who are going through the same diagnosis that I am. 

That’s why Clothing Company ‘Statement Apparel’ and I have teamed up to collaborate and create a special collection line dedicated to everyone who’s going through or knows someone who’s going through the struggles of CRPS. 

I have the greatest honor of being the Co-Creator and Designer of this incredible line that will be released on Thursday the 17th. I’m honored to FINALLY share with you the name of my debut Clothing Line Collection called 2/17!!!!

More information about this collection will be release soon. So keep coming back to my blog for more information! Also please share this amazing news with your fellow bloggers and on your social media accounts I highly appreciate it 🤗❤️ 

Much Love 

Margaret Twitty 

Co-Creator of 2/17 Clothing Line Collection


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