One Love, United Not Divided! 

I’ve decided to post something that doesn’t relate to CRPS and what my mission for this blog is. Instead I have decided to post this beautifully written and an heartfelt insight into what it truly means to be United. This piece has nothing to do with the election, But it has everything to do about the world of a high school marching band in Texas and how the legacy of a man’s 30 years of leading this marching band has now been handed to his son. 

Without further ado here is an unique view of what it means to be United instead of Divided. 

This piece was written by ‘House’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’ Actress Jennifer Morrison. 

“As we emerge from a season of so much division as a nation, I am searching for the pillars of hope on which to focus. I was raised in what I call – a marching band family. My dad led a nationally competitive marching band for 30 years and now my brother leads the Ronald Regan High School Marching Band. When I think back on my four years in marching band, what I remember most is the comradery. The united connection you feel with 200 plus fellow teenagers all working toward the same goal – to create something together. So rarely in life do opportunities for unity present themselves. 
Marching band provides a unique and fundamental skill set. It is the ultimate combination of creativity and discipline. It is that exact combination that has served me time and time again as I work to live a creative life. Creativity without discipline or vice versa is unbalanced. In order to be in a marching band you must have both skills. In order to lead a marching band you must have both skills. 

The show my brother designed this year with his creative team is called ONE LOVE. Inspired by a poem by Maya Angelou.

The colors, the music, the drill design are all carefully crafted to express the message of the poem. The design of the show is innovative and traditional at the same time. It is an inspiring mix of technique, musicianship, technical execution, and emotion. I know the discipline it takes for every student to perform such a show. I lived it, and I have the utmost respect for each and every member of the Reagan Band, drumline, and color guard. You all makes something so difficult seem effortless, so much so that as you watch you forget how truly difficult it is to achieve that effortlessness.  

Today you are all my inspiration. Marching band is at the core of every success I have had in life. My dad, my mom, and now my brother are the leaders that have taught me the most about how to truly succeed in a creative life. A big shout out to the Reagan Band as they gear up for BANDS OF AMERICA nationals. And a huge shout out to the BANDS OF AMERICA organization for providing a forum for young people to express their creative gifts.   

@bandsofamerica @officialmusicforall #ReaganBand #BandsOfAmerica #MayaAngelou #OneLove” 

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