Custom Cut Monograms

Still can’t find that PERFECT something for someone who has EVERYTHING! Believe me I’ve been in your shoes… Here is a suggestion how about Customizing something for your hard to get person in your life!


The link below is an amazing Customizing business that is First Generation Twitty-Cook Family Owned.


*Words From Lynndsi’s

Addiction Turned Hobby 

That headline sounds crazy, I know. But the sad thing is, I am dead serious.
My husband and I have been together since I was 15 years old! We bought our first home when I turned 20 and when it comes to style we are completely opposite, so you can only imagine what our house looked like.

We were young and just thought we knew what style was. The only thing I absolutely knew for sure, I was addicted to monograms and since Nathan loves me so much… well you know how the rest goes..haha,Yes, I monogrammed everything! 🙂

I made wreaths with our monogram, I had monogrammed pillows, I even had our family name framed in our hallway. Nathan finally thought it was getting out of control and said no more! So he thought. Guess what? It got worse after having our two beautiful daughters.

Pretty Ridiculous right? Well, they created a monster, a freakazoid monster with an addiction to coffee and monograms. Everything monogrammed turned to everything embroidered after I ran out of wall space. So it started, socks, diaper covers, diaper bags, you name it, it was getting monogrammed.

Our daughters are older now and believe they are too old to have everything monogrammed so now I turn to you.. And that makes my husband happy. 🙂

I hope you love my small business just as much as I do. Just know that every time we make a monogram, it is made with pure happiness.


I may be a little biased about this family business because the “Twitty” part of this Family Business belongs to one of the owners and creators and founders, she also happens to be my older cousin Lynndsi Twitty-Cook and she works right beside her loving and dedicated Husband Nathan Cook.


I couldn’t be more proud of all them but I’m extremely proud of Lynndsi for putting her mind and heart into something and making it work! I’ve always looked up to Lynndsi’s as a Role Model and as an older sister teaching me right from wrong and not to follow in your footsteps and I listened to do with every word you say! Keep up the phenomenal work Lynndsi, Nathan, Dakota, and Miah!


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