Complex Regional Pain Syndrome · CRPS · Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy · RSD

Be Strong


What a testing week, last week had been. I started my week (Monday) going to see my doctor for a Respiratory Problem that I’ve had ever since returning from Ohio 2 weeks ago.

The doctor did a Chest X-Ray for any signs of Pneumonia…(Which was clean) and put me on Antibiotics for my Lungs. The antibiotics made me even sicker, and even though I was told to take them for a week I could only take 2 out of the 7 because of how sick I was getting.

Then on Wednesday evening I had major back pain that came out of nowhere and I couldn’t see the doctor till Friday since Thursday was Thanksgiving, so I had to deal with that.

I ended my week (Friday) back at the Doctors getting more tests done like my blood drawn and being put on another round of antibiotics for my Back. But the doctor still doesn’t know what is causing me to be in so much pain.

While driving home I’ve come to realized that in times like these when no one has an answer to why I’ve felt ill and why nothing is working that the Doctors have given me. It’s moments like this when I lean and ask God for help the most for everything and anything rather it be big or small. I must cast all my cares onto Him. I must trust and depend on Him.

There’s this one verse in the Bible that for some reason kept showing up at different times in my life… Be it, A Birthday Card from a dear family-friend, or from my Christian Youth Group Leader writing it down in my Bible after “Graduation” from Teens at Church, or when I was Baptized. The verse that captured my heart and life comes from… Philippians 4:13 “I can do ALL things through Christ, Who strengthens Me.”

As I’m typing this I’m listening to “Be Strong” by Delta Goodrem and the chorus goes, “‘Cause when you’re in your darkest hour and all the light just fades away. When you’re like a single flower. Whose colors have turned to shades of gray Well, hang on, be strong”

Why is it that we struggle to depend 100% on Him when we need Him the most?

I am SOO thankful for His never-ending grace that will continue to pour over all of us as we continue our walk with Him

“And just remember, keep it together, Don’t you know you’re never alone?”