My World Changed In 102 Minutes 

How is it possible that it’s been 14 years, 14 years since that beautiful September 11, 2001 morning turned into a day that America and the world will never forget. All of us old enough to remember know exactly where we were on that day for that day will forever be sketched into our minds and lives as long as we live. 

We all have memories. stories, about that day. Some stories touch us in a very personal ways by touching us so deep that every anniversary those feelings of not knowing turned into grief. For others our stories touch us by remembering where we were and what happened after we were told that our once safe America has been targeted by terrorists. 

My story about September 11, 2001 is a story of remembrance. An innocent 4th Grader who watches her whole world changes in 102 Minutes. 

On September 11, 2001 I was only 9 years old. I was in 4th Grade.  

I remember our teacher along with the others going to the Principal’s Office where they were told what was going on in NYC that a plane has hit one of the World Trade Towers. Our teacher turned on the TV and we show everything going on and at that moment my innocence and the innocence of my classmates were gone for we all saw the second plane hit the second World Trade Towers and that’s when we all knew that something was seriously wrong.  

Not long after the second plane hit did parents start coming by the Elementary School to pick up their children, I knew that my mom was High Rank in her job as she was a Chief for the Navy so she was needed but all I wanted was my mom to come and get me from school and to tell me that “Everything Will Be Alright”. What felt like hours mom finally got me from school.  

That’s my September 11, 2001 story and just like the years before countless of us tell our ‘September 11, 2001 Story’ over and over again every time September 11th is mentioned in a conversation or on the Anniversary of that horrible and life changing day.  

We Will Never Forget!